Saturday, February 24, 2018

Yet ANOTHER Pegida Canada Rally In London Fails

One day Pegida Canada might get the message that neither they nor their message are welcome in the city of London, ON and they will leave. While this was not that day, they seem increasingly discouraged by their low numbers confronting much larger counter-protester who spend much of the time making fun of them.

ARC has received permission from Mike Roy to who was one of the counter-protesters opposing Pegida Canada who this time brought along members of the Soldiers of Odin. Yes, there are actually still a few small chapters that exist in BC, Alberta, and Ontario though their numbers are dwindling as evidenced by their sad showing today:

Pegida Canada members....

.... and Soldiers of Odin who have, let's be honest, seen better days.
The people of London against local hate groups Pegida and The Soldiers of Odin
today at City hall #ldnont #lovenothate Feb 24th 2018.
Really, I honestly don't know why they continue to subject themselves to the ridicule and humiliation. Perhaps they have a bit of a masochistic streak?

Mark Vandermaas: "Officer will you baby sit us? No? Well I'm going to take your name down!"

The people of London against local hate groups Pegida and The Soldiers of Odin
today at City hall #ldnont #lovenothate Feb 24th 2018.

The people of London against local hate groups Pegida and The Soldiers of Odin
today at City hall #ldnont #lovenothate Feb 24th 2018.

The people of London against local hate groups Pegida and The Soldiers of Odin
today at City hall #ldnont #lovenothate Feb 24th 2018.

The people of London against local hate groups Pegida and The Soldiers of Odin
today at City hall #ldnont #lovenothate Feb 24th 2018.

The people of London against local hate groups Pegida and The Soldiers of Odin
today at City hall #ldnont #lovenothate Feb 24th 2018.

Notice top left corner -- The people of London against local hate groups Pegida and
The Soldiers of Odin today at City hall #ldnont #lovenothate Feb 24th 2018.
On the other side, Pegida, trying to put a brave face on another failure, tries to polish a turd:

As they are walking to City Hall, Pegida Canada makes it clear they don't care about Islamism or Islamic extremism. Their targets are Muslims. Full stop:

The main speaker is "Jenny" (not her real name) who is the spokesperson for Pegida Canada. "Jenny" has difficulty with the sound system and is frustrated by the counter-protesters and asks the police to stop the noise they are making presumably because while she favors free speech, she doesn't actually mean she's for it for people other than her side:

When she finally does get started, "Jenny" complains bitterly about how unfair it is that they have been labeled as hateful bigots and that they deserve an apology, because libeling the Muslim community is acceptable but NOT people who look like them! That is an outrage!

Really, they don't seem to get the concept of irony here:

Next it is time to continue the slander of Iqra Khalid. First "Jenny" mentions the town hall that took place on Thursday which was disrupted by Islamophobes who had every intention of disrupting the event, complaining that questions were not answered by the panelists which strikes me as just a bit of chutzpah on her part. She then goes on to claim that Khalid, who's non-binding private members motion to condemn Islamophobia, "and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination" is irrationally considered to be a blasphemy law, as having links to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is due mainly to Khalid's involvement in a Muslim Students' Association in university and the fact these folks think that being a Muslim is really all that is needed to be linked to the Muslim Brotherhood:

"Jenny"goes on a rather lengthy rant about halal foods, though she does later admit that kosher practices aren't that much different but that's not the point! She does carry on about where the funds go which strikes this writer as being very closely parallel to the antisemitic "Kosher Tax" bs. I will spare the readers the rambling here.

"Jenny"ends her speech with what I think is quite enlightening concerning Pegida's position. They seem perfectly okay with religious dogma being used to govern the country so long as it is THEIR religious dogma:

The final speaker rambles on with no real direction. It is quite a something to behold. All she needs to do is include some references to "deadly worldwide mad gangster god" and it would be a rant worthy of Francis E. Dec:

Now, as they leave and if you listen carefully to the comment you'll hear some not so subtle homophobia which, considering their Islamophobia, isn't exactly surprising though it is somewhat awkward considering not long before they had claimed concern for the well-being of the homosexual community:

After some time to reflect, Pegida Canada offers this:

So, that's good news and to be sure it is very good news. Pegida Canada's numbers have continued to decline since their first also largely outnumbered protest at the end of August when members of the Canadian Combat Coalition and some III% militia participated.

However, there is also some information that should be cause for reflection.

Town Hall Discussing Systemic Racism Disrupted By Bigot and Racists

This past Thursday an Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Town Hall took place at the Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church in Toronto. The panelists included Lisa Kinsella who spoke about her efforts concerning prosecuting "Your Ward News" and James Sears for hate crimes, MP Iqra Khalid who authored M103 condemning Islamophobia as well as other forms of racism and discrimination directed at religious and ethnic groups, Ontario Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism Michael Coteau, Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts, and Beaches-East York MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith.

It also attracted the haters:

There are a few first hand accounts of what occurred when the Islamophobes and racists, who were in the minority but did not govern themselves in a manner that the majority did, disrupted the event. 

Those present who are known to ARC include Meir Weinstein of the Jewish Defence League,

Long-time white supremacist Paul Fromm (Weinstein and Paulie, eh?), 

Misogynistic Hindu-ultranationalist Ron Banerjee of the one-man show Canadian Hindu Advocacy and the slightly larger Rise Canada,

Lynn Redden who leads the unintentionally ironic Suffragettes Against Silence and who has attended a host of anti-Muslim events including the recent Ottawa protest and who made headlines heckling Trudeau at a town hall in London

Eric Brazau who has a very long history of anti-Muslim agitation and who's criminal record includes assault, 

And Lawrence who is associated with the Proud Boys and JDL; he is also seen frequently at anti-Muslim protests and has made threats directed towards a number of female anti-fascists:


Friday, February 23, 2018

So, About Those Laura Loomer Legal Costs.....

It has been a while since ARC posted a story concerning Ezra Levant and "Rebel Media." In some ways they seem to have recovered from the disastrous spring and summer of 2017; the anti-Semitic rants of Gavin McInnes, Laura Southern and Faith Goldy dancing around the edges of white nationalism (Goldy herself appears to have definitively taken the plunge into white nationalist after her Charlottesville experience), the scandal in which Levant agreed to pay what he  referred to as "hush money" (his words), and other incidents that were significant body blows. As a result a number of high profile "Rebel Media" personalities left either because they didn't want to be associated with the brand any longer, appeared to have had "creative disagreements" with Levant, or they were fired. The latest to go appears to be EDL founder Tommy Robinson (born Stephen Christopher Yaxley) who has now, "gone independent":

We might perhaps speculate as to the reasons for this departure:

This is what Levant told Robertson: “Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, we had our differences, but you’ll notice that they have been positive since they left us … do you see how smart they are … they may have grievances with me … they’re not actually saying there’ve been problems, they’re not grumbling publicly because that would be against … their contractual duties to me”. Mildly threatening. Then came the crunch. 
“I am prepared to give you and Caolan a very nominal sum to sign a second confidentiality agreement. So don’t go down that road … launch yourselves as independent … be totally positive like Lauren Southern‘Hi guys, we had a great run at the Rebel, but now we’re doing something even better … we’re going independent, we’re gonna do whatever we want. We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that’. Don’t even mention the Rebel”. 
Now let’s look at what Lennon told his followers yesterday. “Now, I’m going independent … that’s right, I’ve decided to leave the Rebel to go out and do it for myself … no more paywall and I’ll be my own boss … I’m going to have total freedom to cover the stories that matter to everyone … you’re going to be hearing a lot more from me. This is just the beginning”. It was his decision, he’s being totally positive. Well, maybe. 
The problem for Lennon is not only the hint of a forced smile at the end of that video, but also the tape of Ezra Levant describing more or less the same thing when he was sacking Robertson. What is worse for Lennon is the time at which this parting of the ways has occurred: he is in the middle of what could be a disastrously expensive legal action against the Police, and may still be hit with one or more contempt charges.

Since then the major Canadian political parties cut "Rebel Media" off and refused to participate in any press events with them, though it would appear that the Conservative Party of Canada and the United Conservative Party of Alberta might be quietly realigning themselves with "Rebel Media." Included in more recent news is the fact that Hamish Marshall, one of the co-founders of "Rebel Media", is now working for Andrew Scheer and that "Rebel Media" was paid handsomely for some reason by former Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch presumably for some services rendered.

But let's go back where I mentioned the "Rebel Media" personalities who have since left Mr. Levant's services and look specifically at one Laura Loomer.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

What Those Who Call Themselves "Patriots" Really Believe

Put on your irony seat belt folks.

When I wrote the article detailing the reaction to the George Stanley acquittal, I used the Facebook group, "Canadians Against the NDP and Liberals (Information & Facts)" as a representative sample of views from the far right in Canada. Since then I have been poking around and perusing the content. A few days ago I came across this:

Well, I don't have to tell you, my dear readers, that the folks who post in this group are self-avowed, proud, patriots! They love the military! They love the anthem and are horrified by the change of a word (which actually is more grammatically correct and aligns with one of the earlier 1909 version, but let's not split hairs)! The love the flag and would fight anyone who would desecrate it! The LOVE Canada and woe to anyone who doesn't love this country as much as they do.... especially those swarthy foreigners who may have emigrated to Canada and may even be second, third, fourth, or fifth generation Canadians, but aren't REAL Canadians like they are!

I mean, the answer is self-evident then.



Yeah, the consensus is the patriots with "Canadians Against the NDP and Liberals (Information & Facts)".

What follows with very little commentary is a representative sample of what kind of "patriots" the folks posting in this group are. I would perhaps recommend reader take a look at Erich Fromm's Escaping Freedom to better understand the mindset of these people. It is a little dated, but much of it still rings true today.

There are a lot of screen shots. Feel free to make yourself a pot of tea before you begin reading:

Joey Deluca, Leader of the WCAI, Is An Idiot In Two Acts

Really, I just felt that people would like a reminder. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

American III%er Calling For Coup in Canada and Murder of Prime Minister; His Views Promoted By Vancouver Alt-Right Supporter

ARC has spoken somewhat briefly about Glen Dumont in previous articles:

He can be found walking around downtown Vancouver, sometimes attending anti-government rallies in support of those causes or at events he opposes generally being mildly annoying. In almost all of these cases he will provide a Live Feed of his antics:

It also appears the man is frequently higher than a kite, and while that is neither here nor there I've a feeling that even Tommy Chong would ask him to consider laying off for a couple of hours.

His most recent video involves him and a friend walking into a bar and asking to speak to "antifa," assuming that a thoroughly confused hipster-looking dude is "antifa" while being asked to leave the property.

Dumont also posts as "Jim Whozinga" which is a moniker suggested in a video by Trev England as a means of communicating information that they wouldn't like being connected to a real person. England has been profiled here on the blog having advocated for the murder of the Prime Minister, assaulting Muslim-Canadians, and burning down mosques.

I'll admit that I never paid a lot of attention to Dumont; his behavior was more ridiculous than of any worry to me. However when I see images such as this, I start to dig a little more deeply:

The same image was also shared in the Facebook group created by long-time neo-Nazi Kevin "No Show" Goudreau:

Even a single threat of this nature should be taken seriously, however this image sort of turned out to be the tip of the iceberg:

This particular image seems to have originated with this guy:

It turns out that Glen Dumont's new friend "Johnny Infidel" has a name and that he is somewhat infamous for being a raving, conspiracy-theory loving, anti-Muslim, loon who has advocated for the murder of liberals and black people:

Jim Stachowiak with Terry Jones
Jim Stachowiak actually served briefly in a law enforcement capacity as a certified peace officer and was later employed at Augusta State University. He was only in law enforcement for three years however when his certification was revoked following an investigation for misconduct in 2008. Stachowiak himself has been arrested on a number of occasions since then.

Of course it goes without saying he's a big fan of Donald Trump:

He's also just a wee bit unhinged:

Is it weird that I'm almost more offended by his pronunciation of "meme" than his extremism?

And lately Jim Stachowiak has taken an interest in the Canadian government and Prime Minister Trudeau as evidenced by the video calling for a violent overthrow of the Canadian government and the "lynching" (his words) because elections don't work.

And Glen Dumont, first through his alter-ego and then on his own profile, seems to support these actions:

Stachowiak doubled down in a video published later in the day:

And these people believe it's the left who are violent.